The Story of Thurg
Chapter 1, Session 5, Side-Story

Right as my squires were sending Thurg east, the Helix was sending a message to Bizairius, the house wizard for the Bleikoff Barony, informing Baron Bleikoff that his beloved twin daughters had been found. Bleikoff, living less than four hours walk southeast of Erodin, immediately set out to collect them. Little did he know he’d soon be running into trouble on the road.

Thurg enjoyed the two lambs he clubbed to death as he walked east, looking for “mages.” He hit another road and jabbed right into the Baron’s retinue.

“I looking for mages. Are you mages?” Thurg said.

The Bleikoff wizard, Bizairius, was known for his ego. “Yeah,” he spat, “I’m a mage.”

Bizairius was not, however, well known for his initiative score. Thurg smashed him into the ground before Bizairius could even take his next breath.

Bleikoff and his retinue dived off the road. Thurg came charging after. Blake, one of Bleikoff’s guards, turned around just long enough to get smashed into a tree. He initially survived, tried standing up, and Thurg realized he hadn’t completed the job. Thurg then completed the job.

Bleikoff, Anthony (his last guard), and his two retainers ran into the trees. They found a cave to hide in, but Thurg could see them. Anthony ran to hold him off. Anthony took the club to his shield, breaking his left arm, while Bleikoff and the two retainers hid in the cave. Anthony fought among the trees before he was able to dart into the cave.

Thurg searched for hours, then got confused, and wandered off. The remains of the Bleikoff party stayed the evening in the cave.

One of the retainers attempted to set Anthony’s arm, but they did a piss-poor job of it. Blake and Bizairius, little did Bleikoff know, were no big losses. Bizairius had been embezzling household funds for quite a while now and had been associating with renegades and undesirables. Blake had spent his off-nights in a brothel, and had accidentally killed two prostitutes while enraged. Both were quite without innocence, and their deaths at the hand of Thurg – justified.

I still feel bad about accidentally breaking Anthony’s arm. Thankfully, Charlie will be able to set that tomorrow.

Noble Family, Loving Family, and No Family
Chapter 1, Session 4

Most seers are rather inexact. They look into the future, glimpse things, and then try and base decisions on that limited knowledge. Ridiculous! I scribed a glyph into my clock. Whenever I view the future, I take a moment to scry my clock and align my visions. If I see a murder, I want to know what time that murder will take place! If I see Sir Eruzael receiving a letter, I want to know when that will happen! So I look at my clock, through my divinations. But Dorathy is quite right. The clock in the mess hall is behind by two minutes.

Krawl is only two minutes late today. This is a vast improvement, sure. Unfortunately, when we’re dealing with timing as important as this, two minutes is the difference between black and white, life and death, inner sight and blindness. But he’s getting closer.

My squires largely wake up on time, enjoy the breakfast in the mess, then bump into Sir Hollace Eruzael at 7:18, all according to schedule. They offer their help – enthusiastically – and he relents. His letter informed him that a man with the name Fienzo Lysilksis Jr has been imprisoned in Travesca on charges of unlicensed arcana. Yes, my squires would be happy to retrieve him for you, Sir Eruzael!

They walk the four miles south to Travesca. They go to the sheriff’s office, where they meet the barrel-chested Sheriff Baillins. As he says, Fienzo is a well-liked baker in town who used magic to put out a fire in the local inn. It’s hard to say he’s terribly guilty, he just needs some processing.

Krawl and Vannah meet with Fienzo’s wife and find the scrolls he inherited from his grandfather. Fienzo owned quite a little collection. If memory serves me right, his father had been an undead hunter in Leresh, though even his grandfather couldn’t have cast that chain lightning. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Morgan.

They take Fienzo north. They don’t know they’re about to get ambushed, but I’m not going to tell them! (If they knew, they’d be able to evade it.)

They start getting smart and check Fienzo for magic – and, yes, find another of Leto’s prisms inside him. Charlie uses his mage hand and medical knowledge to work the prism right out of Fienzo. And that’s when Orphan springs his trap.

Two charms, three blinding flashes, a mud to stone, a sleep, and a quick dismissal later, several of my squires are momentarily inhibited. Morgan and Charlie do well in not getting locked down, and, thinking quickly, send their familiars to me with the prism. I didn’t foresee this. Very clever.

Orphan, looking tired, approaches them. After a lot of backwards talking, a ruined chain lightning scroll, and a grappling chain ability that Orphan uses with ease, Orphan leaves. He catches up with Vannah, Dorathy, and Fienzo. He hexes Dorathy, and convinces Vannah to let Fienzo go with him. Ahh, but this is all part of the plan! Now I can scry their base’s location.

If Orphan is under-cover, should we instead have waited for him to reveal that information at a more opportune time to him? Difficult to foresee.

Orphan dimensionally teleports Fienzo and himself to a windmill a mile south of Travesca. The party turns around and heads south again.

They meet with Gelton, the owner of the windmill, who is nearly deaf. He never heard them digging the tunnels underneath his windmill, or the ogre being moved in, or his cellar door being magically sealed. Dorathy hacks said cellar door to pieces. Krawl takes some wine, opens the wine-rack, and they walk into the Chain-Breaker’s hideout.

There they meet Thurg. Thurg is kept there under an enfeeblement curse, which they break when they enter. They do some quick intimidating and negotiating, quickly making Thurg think that they are not the mages who captured him, but those mages are in the next room. He smashes the door into the next room, but the mages who captured him quickly activate another enfeeblement rune. Thurg sits down again, brain-fried.

Lyza and Reya Bleikoff are in the next room. They lovely, ginger-haired twin sisters that were born to Baron Bleikoff. The party quickly captures and binds them.

Orphan and Fienzo are in the next room. The party takes up defensive positions, then Orphan knocks on the door. There’s some brief talking, then Orphan invites them into the circular room he’s in.

See, Orphan is an under-cover agent of the Helix. He’s constantly being tested by the Chain-Breakers, his loyalty constantly under question, so he has to take a lot of precautions. Today, he’ll scar himself some more, then alter his memories of what happened so that the Chain-Breakers won’t be able to discover his loyalties. It’s all quite difficult on him.

Orphan modifies his memory and escapes. The squires leave as well, taking Fienzo, the sisters, and Thurg with them. They point Thurg east, toward the “evil mages” who imprisoned him. He goes that way, but not before stealing some more sheep. The farmers who live there, the Hanners, will be most upset when they find out in a few hours.

They stop by Travesca and let Fienzo say hello to his wife. He should be back tomorrow. They head into Erodin, up to the central tower, and deliver Fienzo and the sisters. Sir Eruzael is waiting for them.

He silences the sisters to his words. Orphan is an undercover agent, and there are many risks to his job. Because they know about him, they have the following choice: they can either relent to a memory alteration, or take a vow that they would sooner die than allow the Chain-Breakers to extract information from their minds. The memory alteration will have a fail-safe, ensuring that their real memories of Orphan will be triggered should they meet him. Galdor, Charlie, and Krawl assent to the mind alteration. Vannah, Morgan, and Dorathy take the vow.

I hope this won’t cause issues in the future. With half of them believing that Orphan is evil and still and loose, and the other half knowing he’s an agent of the Helix, it might cause for some uncomfortable conversations.

Ultimately, they retire.

Digging in the Flesh
Chapter 1, Session 3

Oh dear, the Grand Mistress has kept me rather busy. I do hate when I’m kept from my journal. Diviners, so inept at scrying their own past, really must take good notes, else we’ll forget things. Oh goody, we’re getting Rhun today! But… they need to be introduced as squires. I should teach them something. Help them along. No, no, Adastra would get angry. Maybe Likayus will do it. Yes, he will, I’ll offer him some of my Lereshi tea. He wouldn’t turn me down then.

My squires wake up. No, not all at once. They make their way to breakfast. (I didn’t foresee Morgan sleeping in so late.) They read my letter. They’ll meet with Likayus in room 36 of the tower, on the second floor, in one of the arcana lounges. Sir Yochi Cael will be there. I like that kid, though we’re going to have issues later.

At breakfast, Charlie tries to sell his wares. Hespiné’s surviving squire, Xega, will pick a bit of a fight with Charlie. He’s a bit bitter, having been stuck in limbo for almost a year and only leaving the tower on petty assignments for other nights. And, to think, he was the number 1 ranked page before being promoted to one of Hespinés’ squires. Of course, Falun and Gizelo’s son, Izo, has filled that slot ever since. (And it’s hard to argue with Izo being the top page. I would have chosen him if he was an actual option.) I do wish Xega would do something about that mustache. The long, pencil-thin mustache really makes him look villainous.

They meet Likayus in room 36, with Yochi. They take a while to get assembled, wasting Likayus’s time. But he doesn’t mind, so I don’t mind. I’ve always been impressed with how efficient Likayus is, despite being so laid back. It probably has something to do with his 32 apprentices.

Likayus explains the importance of their badges, the layout of the tower, which sections are off-limits, how to requisition items (which some will go on to do later), and several other security measures. Galdor is rather interested, and Likayus offers his apprentice, Diyezo, as a resource to Galdor.

I hope they paid attention. Those security measures are rather strict.

The cooper gets stuck in a barrel! Ahh, perhaps I should not find that so comical. They find Mister Turner stuck in a barrel, a barrel that he certainly could not fit in. I blame Garkuuk. (I saw him do it.) Rhun didn’t know what Garkuuk did. Rhun ran away. Joined a new masonry guild or something.

They meet with Ansley, Stonegate’s old bartender. It looks like he’s just been hired to be the foreman for a new company, Rockpoint Masonry. Good for him. (I’m not entirely sure why Demetrios likes him.) Ansley couldn’t remember anything about the Stonegate’s destruction.

Rockpoint Masonry is nearly identical to the old Stonegate Gambling Hall. The ceiling has become shingled, rather than wood. That’s a logical change.

Dorathy sees Demetrios walk out, with Rhun. Demetrios, very paternally, shakes Rhun’s hand, wishes him good luck, and then sees him off. Rhun needs Demetrios to seem fatherly. He’s nervous and this start to his new life. He’s made too many mistakes. Demetrios goes back inside. Dorathy follows Rhun.

Navally is a cold and calculating old hag. She has to be, to be Valandil Carnesir’s steward. He requires nothing less. There’s not a chance in hell she’ll let my squires meet with the Blood Inquisitor’s bulging vein, Valandil. I could give them an official approval from the Grand Mistress, Ivozea (Valandil’s own wife!), and Navally would still do everything in her power to ward them off. I mean, really, what is Valandil doing that is so important? Why do I not know this? I’m a diviner!

Oh, as to seeing Kordik Malarky, equally slim chance.

Navally does help them out. According to her mystical divine powers, Leto is in fact alive. She does a piss-poor job though, so I tag along on her little chat with god. I steal into the heavens, check out Nerull’s list of intelligent undead, and find Leto’s name missing. Thus, we can assume, Leto never actually died.

Did they need something else?

Ahrk is rather gracious in welcoming them back. Ahrk is surprisingly stoic. You don’t find many kobolds who stick to their own values and morals so strictly. Too bad he’ll die later today (not that that really matters).

Rhun’s just leaving. How nice. Oh, Dorathy and Morgan ambush him, club him over the head, and carry him off back to the Helix tower. That’s efficient. Dorathy meets with Sir Hollace Eruzael, who’s in charge of dealing with Discovereds and low-level renegades. They’ll deal more with Sir Eruzael tomorrow. Dorathy grabs a letter off Rhun, for evidence. Oh, that’s a fascinating letter.

The letter is addressed to High Sage Uzak in the College of Arts in Dyrises. It’s from Demetrios, asking Uzak to take care of Rhun and teach him. It’s all very nice, and gives us another solid lead to check out. Ahh, Sir Chane is in Dyrises. Perhaps I shall inform him of this new information.

They go inside Leto’s chamber. This is difficult for me to see. Someday, I’ll be able to see inside, so everything I see today is through me scrying on myself scrying in the future. It’s an excellent work-around, but it’s rather difficult, and it’s rather blurry.

Shotru is Leto’s “Sacred Dismemberer.” He severs her limbs when they grow too fast or powerful ones sprout out. The chamber is vile, full of rotting flesh. Leto can’t function, can barely communicate. To an extent, Shotru is the better resource here.

Between Ahrk, Shotru, and Leto’s groans, they discover many things.

Garkuuk is the only real gold kobold in the Golds. Garkuuk is Leto’s legitimate son. Garkuuk worked with Leto in order to create Ahrk and Shotru, which is why their mannerisms are less destructive than Garkuuk’s. Garkuuk is difficult to control, chaotic, and powerful. Yet, it seems that Shotru and Ahrk are both significantly more gifted than Garkuuk.

Demetrios is a Chain-Breaker lieutenant. He’s been using and abusing Leto and the Golds through Garkuuk. Leto wants both Garkuuk and Demetrios banned from the sacred areas. (A command Ahrk is excited to fulfill. It seems that Ahrk has no respect for Garkuuk, believing that Garkuuk is off, galavanting around and enjoying himself while Ahrk and Shotru fulfill their sacred duties.)

The true Leto loathes her current existence. She is trying to fight against the mutagens in her body that are keeping her growing and keeping her alive. In addition to the unusual (and often deadly) growths that Leto is producing, she has also started manufacturing the small golden prisms, such as the one found inside Cadwyr Turner. The prisms are supposed to repress the magic within Leto’s body. Mistakenly, Shotru disposed of over two dozen of them before realizing what they were. We must now believe that these prisms are within Chain-Breaker possession.

Ahrk prepares for battle. He raises the six knights whose graves sit above Leto’s burial chambers. One of those is the Lady of the Slicing Gale, Lady Hespiné, who Ahrk has borrowed the arm of.

By the time my squires return to me, it’s all over. Garkuuk knows of the betrayal. Demetrios has delivered punishment. I can see Leto’s chambers from no angle, but I know that Ahrk is dead, and the six raised knights in his employ are destroyed.

You win some, you lose some.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more of the former. I do hope they remember to talk with Sir Eruzael at 7:18 tomorrow.

Gone Fishing
Chapter 1, Session 2

My squires seem to be getting along well. I hope they received their badges. Oh no, Madam Adastra’s going to… ahh, well, that’s normal. The late Madam Leto has been idolized? Madam Leto would have hated that when she was alive. (I think.) Am I writing this before the events have happened or after? Time is confusing.

Krawl Angelbane wakes up, feeling groggy, for the last time in his page barracks. He doesn’t look too much like an orc; really, he’s just a big, scary human. Perhaps it’s his name that gives him his reputation. If he changed his last name to “Cooper” or “Smith,” he likely wouldn’t have so many issues in life. Krawl knows he’s late, he missed something. He finds Sage Ekriet outside, who takes him to Sir Rayo’s chambers at the top of the tower.

Sir Rayo inherited the old Grand Master’s chambers after the new central tower was constructed. His room is a large, circular affair with legless furniture floating off the ground. I can’t see it, but I’ve been there. Sir Rayo hands Krawl his new squire badge, congratulates him, and Krawl seems nonchalant. Krawl is either brash or confident. Sir Rayo tells Krawl to go join his fellow squires, down in the dungeons. (Sir Rayo thinks he is being funny, implying that Krawl’s teammates are already in the dungeons. Krawl either doesn’t get it or doesn’t think it’s funny. Later, Sir Rayo will wish that his funny comment had been better timed.)

Krawl meets my squires and waves to me inside my small, spherical prison. He gives them their badges. I say hello. I think I’ll say hello again later.

Dorathy, Krawl, and Charlie go find the page, Vlak, in his barracks (block 2B). Vlak is frightened by their intense manners, but tells them everything they need to know. They have to pry in order to get him to talk about Scale Row. Vlak was born there and grew up there. He’s fearful of telling people who are yelling and scary to go check out his home.

My squires decide to go see the cat-seller. Hopefully they won’t run into the shadow cat.

Madam Adastra. I knew that her serpent, Gilkomis, would die. I also knew that, if I told her that he was going to die, she would keep him alive, and lose seven more of her dragons trying to do so. But she didn’t want to hear that either. Sometimes it’s best just to let Ada be angry.

Adastra scolds the squires for relying on me too much for stupid things. I hsve mixed thoughts about this. I know why she says this, but I’ve been the diviner for over 200 knights and squires out on mission so far. Surely I can do the same thing for my own 6 squires.

Hezk the Cat-Seller is located in a dark alley, behind Big Nose Tavern and across from a butcher’s. My squires mentally rough him up quite a bit. They yell a lot (Hezk doesn’t like that). They buy some things, but then Dorathy releases a herd of damaged goods. I question her motives. I think the shadow left.

Hezk is sobbing, freaking out. Vannah comforts him outside, getting information. The squires tip him kindly and Galdor puts things back in order. Some of them feel bad for disrupting this man’s life. Others (Dorathy) are less friendly.

Of course, the slaughter and disection of numerous cats could throw any woman over the edge. Maybe even Dorathy has a bit of compassion in her. (That’s not why I chose her, though! I hope this trend doesn’t continue.)

Stonegate is a gambling hall made almost entirely out of warped stone in the shape of a long-house. Demetrios built it himself. His bouncer, a squinty-eyed man named Mawz, collects 2 gold from everyone. He’s very scripted and doesn’t think fast. Galdor and Galdor stay outside to look around.

There are almost 20 people in the gambling hall. Among them, Garkuuk, Yugek, and Thainor. They only know about Garkuuk right now, so they focus on him. (Except Vannah, who walks right up to the bartender, orders a glass of mead, and then asks the bartender if he knows about the Golds. Everybody inside the hall hears this. Garkuuk immediately begins to under-estimate his opponents, because they are obviously un-observant morons. Hey! Those are my squires he’s mentally insulting! It’s okay, Garkuuk will get his just desserts.)

Thainor shoots a dart at Charlie! No, wait, that comes later.

Galdor is outside, checking the perimeter. He finds two divining runes and a permanency rune. The divining rune doesn’t do what he thinks it does. No, it lets Demetrios know whenever somebody is snooping around. Ahh, now Demetrios knows that Galdor is snooping around! I need to pay attention. I might have warned them. But then they would have done things differently, and that wouldn’t have helped at all.

Demetrios confronts Galdor. Galdor peacocks out, puffs up his chest, and quotes the law. Demetrios is unphased. Of course, how is Galdor to know that Demetrios is one of the top lieutenants in the Chainbreakers and has been evading Helix arrest for years now? (I could have told him! Damn divining. They should call this sort of magic “Hindsight is foresight,” except, in my case, it feels more like foresight is hindsight.) Galdor continues his investigation with the stone Demetrios watching.

Charlie confronts Garkuuk. They size each other up. Garkuuk still thinks they’re idiots. (He’s right, but they are well-trained idiots.)

Demetrios comes inside and stands behind Krawl. The situation is all very intense. Morgan stands up. Vannah moves closer.

20 seconds later, the Stonegate gambling hall has caved in, Demetrios is dust, and everybody is inside the Gold’s caves. Galdor followed Yugek inside, but loses him in the darkness. (If Galdor had taken a right turn, he would have run into the rest of the squires. Oh well.)

Everyone else is following Garkuuk. Dorathy killed a kobold named Bauq in a single swing. All of the other kobolds ran, but Dorathy is after Garkuuk, who is running, invisible, through the kobold caverns. It’s tough going for a little while, but Dorathy shines as a tracker.

Meanwhile, Thainor is waking up outside. He was slammed by Galdor’s Galdor when Stonegate was collapsing. Thainor slinks off into the darkness before authorities arrive. It’s fine. He’ll be arrested for fencing illegal goods in four days.

Garkuuk is followed into the Crypt, where Demetrios and Ahrk are waiting. The crypt was built under Madam Leto’s grave, and her coffin was turned into a trap door leading down into the catacombs.

This is the real Demetrios. He’s wearing the broken manacles that denote him a proud member of the Chainbreakers.

Ahrk is the crypt-keeper. He’s creepy, and strong (especially in his domain). It’s good that the squires did not press the attack. They could have killed Garkuuk, but they would have spent the next 4-18 years serving as undead under Ahrk. Demetrios likely would not have fought, one way or the other.

Demetrios splits the group, singling off Vannah and Pigeonfoot. Vannah finds out that, in the next room, is the figure of their worship, and that the Golds will refrain from fighting in the crypt, if at all possible. (Garkuuk took a crossbow bolt to prove the point. A few hours later, he’ll tell another kobold who is tending to his wounds that he should have scorching rayed that bastard with the crossbow.) Vannah makes a good decision and takes the stairs. Demetrios reshapes the wall, letting everyone take the stairs. They exit the crypt, emerging at the Cemetery of Knights.

Ahh, they’re in front of Madam Leto’s grave-marker. It looks like she’s the abomination that is leading the Golds, even though she supposedly died. According to Ahrk, her organs kept her alive even after she died.

Where is the third golden kobold? I can’t see him.

The squires meet up again. Galdor’s Galdor turns into a horse. Everyone fills Galdor in on what he missed. The squires, tired and running low on resources, call it a night. They return to the tower and talk to me.

I’ve drawn the curtains on my sight, which seems to surprise some and make sense to others. It’s as if they think that I don’t sleep! (Which is starting to become true, what with the nightmares and other things invading my sleep recently. Divination is such a difficult tool to turn off.)

They keep the gold, the prism, and their badges (Their badges! They got them, right?). They enjoy a few drinks at the nearby alehouses, then resign for the night in their new rooms.

I’m hoping Madam Adastra’s calmed down by tomorrow. The last time a serpent of hers died, she went on about it for weeks. Ivozea is scarce when Ada’s mad. I think Ivozea is afraid of her. Tomorrow, I think, my squires will be doing some digging.

Hopefully Demetrios won’t be around when they start digging. It’s dangerous to dig with him around.

The First Hour
Chapter 1, Session 1

Squire selection… is that today? Was I supposed to attend that ceremony? It won’t matter. Tea. I’ll have to prepare tea. I’m going to forget something. Oh dear. They’ll have 41 minutes to remove the child from his home. Kobolds are vicious. I’m going to forget their badges. Oh well, there’ll be time for that later.

The pages are assembled for the squire selection ceremony. Twenty-eight are invited to this one. The pages chatter among themselves. Number 1 among the pages, Izo Falun, is expected to finally be selected. It’ll be his fourth ceremony as the number 1 spot without being promoted. He’s growing irritated. Morgan Willows, the second spot, is finally willing to move forward and become a squire. He’s turned down assignment before, claiming that his studies weren’t finished. Olvid the Resurrect, ranked number 3, is also expected to move forward. Olvid’s only been a page for two weeks, since his resurrection. His progress is astounding.

Grand Mistress Ivozea Carnesir delivers her normal speech. She introduces me. She is nicer about me than she should be.

Madam Adastra stands near the Grand Mistress. I always feel like she can see me, even when I’m viewing the past.

Ivozea reads off the list I’ve prepared for her. She didn’t even know who was being selected.

Number 2, Morgan Willows, is selected. He finally accepts assignment.

Number 10, Dorathy Pheonix, is selected. Ivozea doesn’t trust her, is skeptical about the assignment, but Dorothy accepts and the ceremony continues.

Number 16, Galdor Arklind, is selected.

Number 19, Charlie Cackleback.

Number 25, Vannah. She’s so surprised and excited that she runs up and joins the squires before Ivozea has a chance to ask if she accepts the assignment. Ivozea compliments her on her enthusiasm.

There is a sixth member. He will join them soon.

Ivozea knocks on my door. “Come in,” I think I say. They enter. Sit. I serve tea.

They talk and I hand Vannah the second crystal ball. I will keep the first ball, I tell them, and they the second. We can communicate through it. Keep it safe.

41 minutes, it becomes clear again. Yes, they must go find Cadwyr Turner, take him from his home, and deliver him to the Old Tower. They have 41 minutes to remove him from the Turner household.

They leave quickly. Some of them stop for refreshments.

I forgot the badges.

They arrive at the Turner household. Mister Turner is a cooper. He makes barrels. His son, Rhun Turner, has applied to the Helix. They’re excited to see the Helix members arrive and ask about Turner’s son. The Turners are confused when the squires want Cadwyr Turner and not Rhun. Rhun has the magic, he’s the one that applied, they try to explain. It doesn’t matter. Cadwyr’s the one they want.

Cadwyr’s willing to go with them. They’re making good time.

As they leave, Rhun tries to cast a charm person on Morgan. Morgan confuses Rhun, Rhun loses focus, and the spell is lost. Charlie leans over and tells the kid, “We’re trained to stop people like you, kid. Don’t try that again.” Rhun can’t focus, doesn’t respond.

Oh, Rhun. I forgot about him. I should have said something.

My squires take him to the old Helix tower. They stop for bread, where Vannah destroys the bread-seller’s stand, clubs a kobold with her hammer, and then drags the kobold off (gagged, blinded, and manacled). Charlie mends the bread-seller’s stand and Vannah leaves a couple coins behind, for the bread.

The kobold is a page named Vlak. He was charmed this morning to come ambush my squires… no, to ambush Cadwyr. They take Vlak and Cadwyr to the dungeons of the old tower, where they meet Felder. Sir White and his son have always bothered me. I see less around them. Later I will see that Felder was charmed. But I don’t see that right now. Thankfully Felder is a strong-willed boy. He’ll brush off the charm before it causes him to do anything problematic.

The dungeon is an anti-magic field and the area around it is silenced. Cadwyr should be safe inside (and will be, since Felder is able to overcome his charm). My squires are attacked by a 13-year-old ruffian and an 11-year-old girl who can just barely cast a sleep spell. Charlie dazes the girl and Galdor knocks the boy unconscious. No problems, no real injuries. (Charlie was a bit surprised by the power behind the boy’s punch.)

Cadwyr’s going to start choking. I ask Vannah to go check on him. Her over-eagerness causes him to start choking. Charlie helps; Cadwyr spits out a golden triangular prism. That’s it! That’s what we’re looking for. It looks similar to Felder’s Blackgate Prism, but the effects are different. The golden prism was sucking power out of Cadwyr, marinating inside him. I write a document and Cadwyr Turner is now a page in the Helix.

My squires converse. Vlak had told them that it was a couple kobolds from the Golds that infiltrated the old tower and charmed him, specifically one named Garkuuk. They’ve decided to see if they can lure the Golds out into the open. Charlie holds up the golden prism and says, “Time to go fishing.”

I don’t believe kobolds are fish. Perhaps the golden ones are. I’ll need to look into this.


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