The Story of Thurg

Chapter 1, Session 5, Side-Story

Right as my squires were sending Thurg east, the Helix was sending a message to Bizairius, the house wizard for the Bleikoff Barony, informing Baron Bleikoff that his beloved twin daughters had been found. Bleikoff, living less than four hours walk southeast of Erodin, immediately set out to collect them. Little did he know he’d soon be running into trouble on the road.

Thurg enjoyed the two lambs he clubbed to death as he walked east, looking for “mages.” He hit another road and jabbed right into the Baron’s retinue.

“I looking for mages. Are you mages?” Thurg said.

The Bleikoff wizard, Bizairius, was known for his ego. “Yeah,” he spat, “I’m a mage.”

Bizairius was not, however, well known for his initiative score. Thurg smashed him into the ground before Bizairius could even take his next breath.

Bleikoff and his retinue dived off the road. Thurg came charging after. Blake, one of Bleikoff’s guards, turned around just long enough to get smashed into a tree. He initially survived, tried standing up, and Thurg realized he hadn’t completed the job. Thurg then completed the job.

Bleikoff, Anthony (his last guard), and his two retainers ran into the trees. They found a cave to hide in, but Thurg could see them. Anthony ran to hold him off. Anthony took the club to his shield, breaking his left arm, while Bleikoff and the two retainers hid in the cave. Anthony fought among the trees before he was able to dart into the cave.

Thurg searched for hours, then got confused, and wandered off. The remains of the Bleikoff party stayed the evening in the cave.

One of the retainers attempted to set Anthony’s arm, but they did a piss-poor job of it. Blake and Bizairius, little did Bleikoff know, were no big losses. Bizairius had been embezzling household funds for quite a while now and had been associating with renegades and undesirables. Blake had spent his off-nights in a brothel, and had accidentally killed two prostitutes while enraged. Both were quite without innocence, and their deaths at the hand of Thurg – justified.

I still feel bad about accidentally breaking Anthony’s arm. Thankfully, Charlie will be able to set that tomorrow.



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