A tall man who has mastered many stone transmutations


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Demetrios is a tall black man, probably around 6’8". He is bald and exceptionally muscular. He is most easily identified for the stone-looking patches he has on his skin.

In Chapter 1, Session 2, “Gone Fishing,” he wore white, loosely flowing pants, silver bracelets (which were shown as non-magical, though that only applied to his golem version), and then was later shown with broken manacles on.


Demetrios ran the Stonegate Gambling Hall. He has long associated with the Golds, especially Garkuuk, one of his patrons.

Demetrios has shown himself to be a master of stone transmutations, moving and shaping stone with ease, as well as doing some petrification spells. He also seems able to create clones of himself that are made out of stone.

Where the Stonegate Gambling Hall once stood, Demetrios has arisen Rockpoint Masonry overnight. He has also enchanted his old bartender, Ansley, to serve as the Masonry’s manager now.


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