The Sentinels' primary guardian and defense crafter


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Likayus is a tall, strong-looking man who neck-length, dirty blond hair and the thick scruff of a blond beard. He is adorned in light blue robes, with a breastplate over-top. On his left arm, he carries a kite shield. Both his kite shield and breastplate are coated in magical runes to guard against various elements and forms of magic. Strapped to his back is his halberd, a long weapon with frost dripping from the blade.


Likayus is a sentinel in the Helix. He acts as the Helix Tower’s primary line of defense. He’s responsible for the shield guardians that roam the Cloudlands and, more frighteningly, the runic guardians that guard the inner sanctums of the Central Tower. In chapter 1, session 3, Likayus gave the squires a tour of the tower, explaining to them how their badges work and how to access various points in the tower. Likayus also manages the badges for the Helix.

Likayus has a workshop on the first floor and 32 apprentices. Among them, Diyezo is one of his most prized.

Older History
Likayus was young friends with Yochi Cael, the son of the late Madam Cael. Likayus was never known for having a great deal of magical aptitude; however, Yochi’s temper would often only be settled by having Likayus nearby. Due to Yochi’s great potential and Likayus’s penchant for being a good influence upon Yochi, both were promoted to be Madam Remy Rouge’s squires. When Yochi was knighted to become Sir Cael, Likayus became one of the first Sentinels within the Helix, not moving up to the rank of knight, but staying a step up from squire as well.

Shield Guardians

Runic Guardians


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