Morgan Willows

Morgan is a hyper intelligent Wizard with deep hatred for Arcane magic.


Morgan is a Counter spell spec’d magic user designed to stale mate mages.

  • In combat is primary goal should always be to shut down enemy mages. He does this by relying on both his hit Initive (+8) to ready action a counter spell as well as his high spell craft and School specialty to lock them out.
  • In combats without enemy Magic-users, Morgan begins by buffing the tanking party members, followed by the rest of the party with melee character’s having top priority. After All buffs have been activated, Morgan falls back on a modest amount of offensive spells and assists “Tanking characters” when possible.

Out of Combat


Morgan is the only child of Laris and Marrie Willows. Coming from a powerful family of Wizards Morgan was “encouraged” to Join the Helix and join the ranks of his family. It was not long after entering the ranks of the Helix when Morgans Parents were revealed as “Traitors”. While not knights of the Helix, it had become painfully obvious that both Laris and Marrie were selling Helix secrets and using thier reputation to gain both power and Order secrets.


Morgan Willows

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