Vex Lanither

A master diviner, knight of the Helix, and - most importantly - your knight.


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Vex Lanither is a man probably in his mid-30s. He has gray, almost silvery hair, worn long and pulled back. His eyes are a pale brown. He wears white robes with a red sash across his waste.


When Grand Mistress Ivozea Carnesir described Sir Lanither, she described him as the man who changed the nature of this war. He allowed the Sentinels of the Helix to take the fight to them. His skills are not meant for the field, so his squires were selected to be able to stand on their own and take his guidance. Sir Lanither is a diviner, a man who can see selected portions of the future, the past, and the present. He is a bit awkward and distracted and habitually gives oddly specific times in his orders.


Vex Lanither

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