A young kobold page training at the Old Tower


Vlak is a young kobold. His voice is rather nasally.


Vlak is a page who comes from a kobold clan called the Golds. He joined the Helix a few months ago.

Chapter 1, Session 1
He was charmed, hid inside a bread-seller’s stand, and tried to cast magic missile at Lanither’s squires. He was caught and taken to the old tower dungeon, where the charm wore off.

Chapter 2, Session 2
Vlak had some information on the Golds. He recommended that they look for the Golds by talking to Hezk the Cat-Seller, going to Stonegate Gambling Hall, or, if neither of those leads proved useful, going to Scale Row (3rd South street, near the docks, which is were many kobolds live).


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