Reverse-Elementium Prisms

This Gem allows the user to cast without exspending slots.


The first prism was found when the budding socessor, Cadwyr, coughed up the gem. Prior to removing the gem Cadwyr’s arcane abilities had not manifested.


The Prism’s effects have been tested in several ways, though the true extent of it’s powers and abilities are currently unknown, as the party has limited spells and resources for testing
Known Effects:

  • When casting arcane spells, when holding the gem, the user retains those prepared spells or spell slots. After several uses in a row the prism begins to super heat. The higher level the spell the faster the gem heats.
  • When Consumed or held in the mouth, Arcane casters are unable to cast spells.
  • After many uses the Prism will crumble into dust.


The history of the Prism and its maker are still unknown though there are several theories as to its backround. It’s known that the Golden kobold were attempting to aprehend Cadwyr to get the this Prism. It’s also known that Sir White’s Squire has a similar prism that took him 3 years to craft, though it’s abilities vary drasticly.

A few of the theories

  • The Prism consumes potential spells from the caster its inside of and stores the slots. This allows the user to expend on of the Prism’s drained slots, in a similar fashion to a pearl of power.
  • The Prism is the latest Anti-mage weapon and is still in it’s experimental phase.

Update as of Game 3
After Speaking with Lady Leto and her keepers, it was revealed that the Prism and all other similar Prisms stem from Lady Leto. The gems were created by the last bit of Lady Leeto’s concienseness in a attempt to kill herself by absorbing the magic keeping her alive. It was also revealed that several of these prisms had been burried and are now unaccounted for.

Update as of Game 11
It was revealed to us that the prisms themselves were made of a material that is the opposite of elementium. This means that the crystals can be used to make a more raw, untamed magic, that can rebirth long since powerless arcone spells and devices.

Current Location

  • Three Prisms have ben recovered.
  • One was destroyed after repeated use
  • Two prisms is currently in the pocession of Sir Lanester’s Squires.
  • The other dozen or so are unaccounted for.

Reverse-Elementium Prisms

Spell-Burning Conith