Tag: Kobold


  • Leto

    Madam Leto was an experienced Knight of the Helix. She passed away 6 years ago, apparently due to old age. However, as stated by Garkuuk and Ahrk, Leto's "organs" wouldn't let her die. She is now worshipped by the kobold tribe/gang, the Golds.

  • Vlak

    Vlak is a page who comes from a kobold clan called the [[Golds]]. He joined the Helix a few months ago. *Chapter 1, Session 1* He was charmed, hid inside a bread-seller's stand, and tried to cast magic missile at Lanither's squires. He was caught and …

  • Garkuuk

    Garkuuk is a member of the [[Golds]] who charmed [[:vlak]]. He used to hang out at the Stonegate Gambling Hall quite a bit, and is friends with [[:Demetrios]]. He is a well-rounded and capable sorcerer. He is involved in the golden prism, even going so …