Galdor Bios



  • Dorathy Pheonix: Hides kindness behind mean-spirited exterior, 10th in class. Persona takes issue with her, although not nearly as much as I thought he would. No arcane training. Finds law-violators arousing; I don’t know how she passed her psych-evaluation to join the Helix, although looking at some of the Helix’s other members I suppose it isn’t too far-fetched.
  • Morgan Willows: Brilliant and effective, yet I worry about his anti-magic tendencies clouding his moral judgement, a quandary proven substantial when we arrested Garkuuk. Wants me to help him create a horseless carriage immune to anti-magic. It’d be an expensive venture to be sure, and “time-consuming”, but still fascinating. Worthy Qualified saluditorian. His eccentric focus on magical science makes him an ideal source of information. Same age and same amount of time as a page as I. I worry about his behavior towards Mikhail. Threatening Chainbreakers is one thing, but Mikhail is a member of the Helix. Methodology is fluff; results are what matter in the long run. While I prefer a less violent route, far be it from me to judge those under another Knight. Makes great crawfish gumbo.
  • Charlie Cackleback: Seventeen and promising. Midwife and Herbalist. I’m not particularly familiar with witchcraft due to its lack of sorcery, but I do hope to someday meet Charlie’s ghost named Bruce, so I may cast away my suspicions about witchcraft leading to mental disorders. 19th in class. Charlie is passionate, to say the least, and his historical knowledge is impeccable.
  • Savannah (Vannah) Seraphina Sawyer: Another seventeen-year-old, she may seem meek but she knows how to get her point across when angry. A slightly na├»ve paladin, her commitment to protecting the innocent will bolster our team’s performance. 25th in class. She’s good at conversing with people, although she never hides her opinions of the person she’s speaking with. Pacifistic at all the right moments.
  • Krawl Angelbane: Whether sick or tardy, I see no excuse for declining an invitation to the Squire Selection ceremony. At first he was alcoholic and narcissistic, but he has grown into a fine, if overly-violent, squire. He takes pride in his looks and in his power to intimidate people. A different approach than my own, but a perfectly valid one that adds diversity to our modus operandi.
  • Sir Vex Lanither: My Knight, Diviner and Helix Tactician. I’m glad to see he’s focused on the Chain-Breaker fight, I just hope he’s doing so for the right reasons. As Morgan stated, Sir Lanither seems to withhold information as a part of his divinations and is hardly expedient with warnings. A good man and a powerful weapon for the Helix. I feel honored to work under him, but wonder why I was chosen. According to Vannah, Madam Adastra’s Ring of Misleading infuriated Lanither, but I still can’t picture such a sight. Vannah’s naivety and innate predilection to seeing others as good could have clouded her experience, but I doubt it could cloud it that greatly!

Other Sentinels of the Helix

  • Ivozea Carnesir: Grand Mistress, elf. Charismatic while intimidating. Ideal leader. Hopefully I made a good first impression, if I made an impression at all.
  • Sir Rayo: Grand Mistress’ half-elf half-brother and head of page training. Been a Sentinel since the founding.
  • Madame Adastra: Powerful Ex-Sentinel and Dragon Summoner. Chain-Breaker, eh? I know the day will come when Persona and I will battle for influence in my mind, I can only hope I don’t end up acting a dragon like Adastra. Time to start researching banishment. If being a squire under Sir Lanither turns sour, an event I will work to avoid, I would request a transfer to her service, if she’d have me. Words can’t describe her beauty, although she did tell me to continue complimenting her after she met Persona in his Dragon Form. Not being petrified of talking to her is going on my social to-do list. Krawl is enamored with her as well, but after discussing it we seem to have found respect for each other, as opposed to becoming competitive or petty.
  • Page Vlak: Charmed by fellow kobold Garkuuk during Case #1. Still charmed?
  • Squire Felder: Under Sir White, albino, prison master, anti-magic field disruption crystal. Charmed by a member of the Golds for unknown reasons (information gathering?)
  • Sentinel Likayus: In charge of security for Helix tower and (far more importantly) 32 apprentices in charge of magical item creation. Directed me to one of his star pupils Diyezo. Amazing anti-magic arms & armor.
  • Squire? Diyezo: Hello new best friend, my name is Galdor. I’m going to try spending my off-hours in Likayus’ workshop, so I’d better get well-acquainted with the people in charge. I’ve started with his star pupil Diyezo, and things are going well so far.
  • Sir Yochi Cael: Friend of Likayus and apparently quite the mage. More research required.
  • Sentinel Zaega: Off on the wrong foot with Charlie, but with good reason. Lost his Knight, Lady Hespina.
  • Lady Hespina: Wind-invoker, desceased. Arm removed postmortem by Ahrk to replace one of his own, before her body was zombified by him.
  • Page Izo Falun: Demonologist and Valedictorian 5 years in a row. There are serious issues between him and Morgan. #1 Suspect in the Baron Bleikoff murder.
  • Page Metra: Wears cheap wool robes, 15 years old, friendly. Seems a diligent student and would be a great catch as a squire.
  • Sir Clapjaw: Shifter with dissociated personalities based on form. Rough around the edges but whatever.
  • Squire Mikhail: Under Clapjaw. Doesn’t like Lanither’s squire, or Lanither much either. The rest of the group threatened him, including the normally level-headed Morgan. I have no idea what came over them.
  • Squire Porkchop: Under Clapjaw. Floats, and apparently has been floating for a number of years. The only member of Clapjaw’s squires who seems to openly like us, or at least not care.
  • Squire Isha: Icy woman obsessed with cold. Perhaps she’s an elemental construct of some kind? Doubtful, but possible given the Helix.
  • Madam Numera: Mermaid of the Inner Council. We haven’t met.
  • Madam Beth Roften: Evidence
  • The Maestro: Ley-line support, soft purple robes, bald, 30’s, gold wand, tired.
  • Sir Naldeek: Valsira Helix, eggshell robes, giant spider, long-hair in a wrapped braid, breastplate
  • Lady Ebreatha: her Knight, Deak, was a dick, sent her to Valcora four years ago
  • Zeenok: Helix Giant Black Spade Snake raised by Ebreatha and Naldeek
  • Serenade: Ebreatha’s griffon since early childhood.


  • Blood Inquisitors: Clerics focused on witchcraft, heresy, demons, and demon-summoners. My powers may be celestial, but I worry that they won’t care. Managed by Ivozea’s husband, a former member of the Helix, who keeps captive his own former teammate (which is why I’m scared).

Case #1

  • Cadwyr Turner: Magic Potential, 8, beaten by a charmed classmate of Rhun Turner. Used as a host for magical item creation.
  • Rhun Turner: Unlicensed Charmer, 17, should’ve booked him. Chainbreakers associate fleeing to Dirysees (sp?) to become an arcane seer. Bagged & Tagged.
  • Garkuuk of the Golds: Kobold Charmer, worked with Rhun Turner. Bagged & Tagged.
  • Breadmaker from the path to the Page’s Tower: held up by charmed Page Vlak while charmed himself. Friendly. Use for information when needed. Found guilty of magic-use and information laundering by Clapjaw’s squires.
  • Hezk the Cat-Seller: Gold-affiliate, kobold, poor at marketing, sells feline spell components, next to Big-Nose Inn
  • Demetrios: Chainbreaker Lieutenant, stone-based geomancer, former owner of Stonegate Casino (took care of that!^_^), now owner of Rockpoint stone-masonry business on same location. Knows Adastra.
  • Ahrk: Thank the celestial plane he’s mostly alive and safe with Oracle Respia to the west of the southern city of Valsira in Temple Toolferocken in the swamp! There has to be a way to undo his undeath, and I know just where in the Helix library to look! I will not let his death be meaningless. Garkuuk is going to see justice for turning his back on his family.
  • Leto: There has to be a way to cure Leto, even if it’s just to let her die in peace. On the other hand, as a subject of scientific study she is fascinating. I worry for her safety with Garkuuk and Demetrios wanting to harvest her, but Showtrue and her anti-magic field will hopefully keep her safe and them busy
  • Showtrue: A good man and an excellent spellsword, this unnaturally-golden kobold should be welcomed into the Helix after Leto is cured. Safe with Ahrk.
  • Chainbreakers: Legal mages against licencing.
  • Ansley: Charmed former-Stonegate-bartender who is now the business manager of Rockpoint. Why is Demetrios consistent with employing him? What is the source of Ansley’s misshapen body?

Case #2

  • Raya Bleikoff: A captivating woman, but a dangerous one. I know she wasn’t responsible for her father’s death, Izo Falon was blackmailed by Adastra to do it. and I have a sneaking suspicion the Chainbreakers, The Educator, and this Duke Ascendia are all connected with it. Now a Page with her sister. I plan on keeping close contact with her, if only through letters or Messages. I’m going to hold off though; we were overbearing when we showed up again on their first day of class.
  • Thurg: Haha, this formerly abused ogre became a rather well-planned-for tool through Lanither. Further proof of the diviner’s formidable prowess at tactics.
  • Baron Bleikoff: A family man, though short-sighted. Early he was gruff, as most nobles are with rabble like us, but he did somewhat open up to us in the end. Well, right before the end. I know he couldn’t of killed himself…. but there are simply too many who profit from his death.
  • Anthony: The Baron’s guard. Would make a fine Sentinel.
  • Dimas: Bleikoff footman and butler. Was the only one to open and close the door to the Baron’s study where the Baron “killed himself”.
  • The Educator: Non-magical orc who gave Raya a ring of Ethereality in the middle of a fight with us. Bagged & Tagged. Actually extremely pleasant to talk to. Needs rehabilitation and then could easily work with the Helix.
  • Duke Ascendia: #1 funder of the Helix. Could be behind Bleikoff’s murder or the murder could be being used to draw him out and assassinate him. Either way he NEEDS to be in Helix custody. Safe with his personal guard for now, but was attacked by Adastra. Lives three blocks from Helix Tower.
  • Angelica Falon: Izo’s adopted-sister who is so filled with magical power she loses control when emotional, but Charlie and her mother, a former-Knight and powerful crafter, are taking care of her.
  • Hasheek: Land of the Dragon Land Berserkers “DLB
  • Silenced One: Adastra’s Dad, leader of a nonviolent rebellion in Hasheek, DLB
  • Sir Tootillor: Helix Knight who dealt with Silenced One, big-claymore-kinda-guy, Not A Silly Man.
  • Valdrik Paultos: Adastra’s Knight, recruited by Ava, Infantry, Magic, Channeling, Armor-smithing, didn’t think Adastra was ready to be a Knight
  • Baronette Dutaffis of Bleikdale: Noble of Aloomis
  • Aloomis: Fire Mage, lived a cushy life under Dutaffis researching the long dead Runes of Fire elven magic, 6’5" and slender, blew up stables and inn with Garkuuk, charges all of his spells with fire, has a Leto Prism
  • Heaven’s Locker: cool name for a bar. The Once Over is the actual bar name.
  • Varnis: Dead innkeeper’s son in Bleikdale
  • Jarik “Jerk”: Infinite-exploding-knife-producing scabbard, Chain-breaker, melee-magic, channeling, licensed under a noble near Valsira.

Case #3: Valsira

  • Temple Toolkracken: Valcorans & Nagas ruled, then Kobold, then humans, now a fight between kobold and naga. Has fake stone kracken tentacles around it. Home of Repsia.
  • Baron Sutere: Chainbreaker Jarek’s ex-noble, sun god cultist, messed-up leg, golden robes, staff, beard. His Major Domo is Drate.
  • Count Ulkstread: his son got injured by Adastra
  • Fereth: Eye-patch ranger who protects Valsira swamp
  • Heshrihanna: Fereth’s silent dryad wife
  • Reesha: 6-armed Naga Count who I talked to.
  • Ezhash: Naga Empress
  • Repsia: Anti-Diviner, true owner of Adastra’s Ring of Misleading, wife of Helix Inner Council Demonologist Ignaltus.
  • Tutu-know: old kobold trying to get into Toolkracken
  • U.K.: kobold in temple who tried to douse us in burning oil.
  • Repsia’s Runes: Apathy, No Magic, No Divination

Galdor Bios

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