Galdor Journal


  • Leto’s Eye
  • Repsia’s Doorway
  • Ahrk’s Undead Visage
  • Individual Portraits of Lanither’s Squires, including Galdor himself.
  • Numerous landscapes of Orbis and portraits of its inhabitants.


6 Days After Becoming A Squire

I had a restless night last night. Charlie’s suspicions about a conspiracy against Duke Ascendia kept me awake. I can feel Persona writhing inside of my mind, pushing me to take action. What action?
Go down to breakfast with a serious migraine. Stupid spirit needs to learn to sleep! I can’t deal with the others this morning, so I sit with Diyezo and the other apprentices. Thankfully, we all worked late at the forge, making breakfast a quiet affair. Reminds me of my first day in the workshop: quiet apprentices each at their own workstations. When I see Porkchop floating towards the rest of the “team”, I know I made the right choice in seating arrangement. I’m far too tired to deal with whimsical nonsense or gossip. As harsh as that may sound, I like Porkchop, but I can’t see us getting close.
Charlie gives me a glance as the rest get ready to leave. I tell Diyezo he probably won’t be seeing me again today, and we exchange goodbyes.
Ah, the Page’s Tower. I remember telling myself I wouldn’t be back here for at least a couple weeks. I’m a Squire now, I can’t keep coming back here unless I have to. Today I have to. Izo’s there. I question Helix law on Demonology, but for the life of me I can’t remember. Could be useful information against the Chainbreakers. The party begins blasting him with questions, but my thoughts drift to Leto and Shartrue. If anything has happened to them, I’ll have Garkuuk’s head!

Lanither is here now. Either he has hidden some of his abilities, or his upgrade to our crystal ball was far more complex than simple transference. Ava and Rheo are too, but their entrance is far from being as impressive as Lanither’s. Ley Line gloves are passed out, and the journey to the house of Falen is under way. Izo has been blackmailed by Adastra; a shame really. Perhaps I’ll visit her in jail, if she’s brought in alive.
Ava tells us to handle all the dragons human-sized and smaller. Funny, considering Adastra’s quarters, there weren’t any. We get to the Falen’s house and meet the two former Knights within. Madam Falen is apparently quite the crafter. I help their daughter out of the house, giving her passage on Persona. My mind begins to clear; it’s surprising how much less of a headache he is when his voice is heard through my ears instead of directly into my mind. Back to the Helix Tower via ley line.

The Grand-Mistress greets us and invites us to dinner. I help Charlie search for a connection between Adastra’s hit list for Izo, but we find nothing. I get spiffed up for dinner, and sit near the Falen’s daughter. She’s the source of the warped landscape around their house and was adopted at the age of seven after the death of her mother. I let loose that I’m adopted. Damnit. I didn’t realize what I had said until after dinner was over. The Falen’s ask us if it would be a good idea for their daughter to attend the Page’s Tower. After some deliberation we say yes.
My head begins to hurt again. Adastra is out there, a rogue Knight. If I had Project Leto finished, I could take her. I know it! I check and recheck my blueprints while that damned spirit screeches about the Baron’s funeral. I silence him, suppressing his aspect of my mind while I fall asleep smiling. Tomorrow will be a better day.

14 Days After Becoming A Squire

On our way back to the Helix Tower from Valsira. A lot has happened. Ahrk is safe, although some form of life-draining undead. Shartrue is with us, ready to head to Dyrissees(sp). Repsia was taking care of them after Demetrios teleported Leto & her entire shrine to the aforementioned city. Lyzo said the Assembly there plans to use the Chainbreakers to start a civil war with our Parliament, a scary thought indeed. On the other hand, our guide Fereth seems a kindred spirit to me. He sees his dryad wife Heshrihanna as his wife, not as a magical beast or other such monster. I long to see my family, but there is too much important work to be done! I finally have the power to put my plans into action, although the oracle Repsia helped confirm one of my fears: Lanither will most likely be killed by someone hidden to scrying. Speaking of plans, I’ll have to notify Diyezo of my immediate need for funding. The Bi-Frost Project is something I’ve poured a lot of man-hours into designing, and I won’t have it tested on anyone but myself. To think it will take me a little over an hour to revolutionize research and development forever! Well, if my numbers are correct it will take exactly 114 minutes. I will be 7,008,000 times more effective than the other squires (a quotient of 14,600,000 per minute)! With our travelling becoming more common, I’ll have to make adjustments on the ride back as I’ll need to factor in portability. I digress; I can’t wait to meet “him”.

61 years, 16 days since becoming a Squire

I suppose I should be writing what I would have wrote on the day it currently is, but my memory isn’t what it is now. Vannah reminded me about Natalie “The Interceptor” Theris, a woman who almost made me late to my meeting with Sentinel Likayus. She also happens to be the daughter of Sir Likayus of the Inner Council, and a friend of Lyzo the Scheming, in that he promised her father the Duke he’d protect her. As I recall she was hardly willing to talk after she cut the Ley Line we were travelling on after a fight with Jarik. It’s funny, I remember him dying afterwards but apparently my newly young-again memory deceives me. He survived thanks to Alumis charming some hospital staff, an act Dorathy responded to by sending him some mail.

But none of this matters. Not truly. Age has taught me that. What matters is Likayus gave the go-ahead to Project Bi-Frost, which sent me on a journey to Orbis that has lasted me over sixty years. I have seen merfolk live and die. I’ve seen elementals from different planes living in harmony with guardian spirits. I have weaved together the magical sciences for the benefit of the Helix and made the Helix into a more efficient machine. But the time came for me to return to my home plane. Six minutes for them, sixty years for me. I have no idea what they must think of me now.

Galdor Journal

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