Galdor Workshop

Galdor’s Workshop

The Study

  • 3rd Level: Magical Imbuements: The Creation of Wondrous Items
  • 5th Level: Fashion & Sorcery: Arcane Body Art
  • 7th Level: Business Leadership OR Resilient Eidolons: Maintaining Your Spirit (eidolon stays active for 1 round/level when summoner is incapacitated)
  • 9th Level: finish studies on magical equipment creation
  • 11th Level: Constructs or Cohorts: A Thesis on Leadership

The Forge

  1. (10+AC Bonus)=DC
  2. (DC x Result)/7= Daily Progress (checks can be rolled as days or weeks)
  3. DC can be purposefully raised in increments of 10 before crafting to increase Progress multiplier
  4. When Daily Progress = Normal Cost of Item, Item is complete
  5. Masterwork is treated as a separate component with a DC of 20
  6. Cost is always 1/3 market price
  7. For every multiple of the cost reached, time taken crafting is divided by the multiple. (i.e. if Progress is 30G but the item only costs 10G, that’s 3 times the cost and so I divide time spent crafting by 3)

The Bookshelf

  • Cost is 1/2 market price for unoriginal wondrous items
  • Magical Imbuement/Crafting DC = 5 + Caster Level of spell used
  • +5DC to ignore a single prerequisite
  • Time to Craft = 8 hours per 1000G of cost
  • +5DC to increase productivity = 4 hours per 1000G of cost
  • Galdor’s Cost Reductor: Items only for LG Summoners: Cost divided by 2.267573696145125
  • Cost x2 = Item doesn’t take up an equipment slot
  • Max: 8 hours of work per day
  • Magic Items take up slots:
  • Armor Slot: suits of armor.
  • Belt Slot: belts and girdles.
  • Body Slot: robes and vestments.
  • Chest Slots: mantles, shirts, and vests.
  • Eyes Slot: eyes, glasses, and goggles.
  • Feet Slot: boots, shoes, and slippers.
  • Hand Slots: gauntlets and gloves.
  • Head Slot: circlets, crowns, hats, helms, and masks.
  • Headband Slot: headbands and phylacteries.
  • Neck Slot: amulets, brooches, medallions, necklaces, periapts, and scarabs.
  • Ring (up to two) Slots: rings.
  • Shield Slot: shields.
  • Shoulders Slot: capes and cloaks.
  • Wrist Slots: bracelets and bracers.

The Construct Assembly (possible future installation)

  • 1 day (8 hours of work) = 1000G of progress

Spells to Learn
0 Currently none
1 Lighten Object
2 Invisibility

Orbis Blueprints

Currently N/A

General Wondrous Blueprints

Vanish Set
0.5 WT
Need: 1500G Prototype, 661.5G Beta, DC 12
Slot: Hand & Wrist
Snap once to turn target invisible(1 action), snap twice to hide any trace of magic on a target(cost 1 action per 5lb item), rendering you undetectable through magic and through sight. Invisibility lasts two minutes and works on anything 200lbs or lighter. Magic-hiding lasts 1 day.

Aroden’s Spellbane: Antimagic Field
0.0 WT
Need: 420G Beta, DC 24
Slot: Doesn’t Matter
No resist, makes me immune to antimagic fields. I completely ignore them, and thanks to spell-share, my eidolon does too.

Aroden’s Spellbane: Erase
0.0 WT
Need: 420G Beta, DC 24
Slot: Doesn’t Matter
No resist, makes all my magical tattoos indestructible

Aroden’s Spellbane: Detect Undead
0.0 WT
Need: 420G Beta, DC 24
Slot: Doesn’t Matter

Tattoo of Unfettering
0 WT
Need: Unfetter, 500G Other, 220.5G Self DC 10
Unlimited range for Eidolon.

Sheath of Bladestealth
2 WT
Need: 2500G Prototype, 1102.5G Beta DC 12
Turns itself and everything in it invisible when a weapon is sheathed in it. +5 Sleight of Hand, detectable by touch, undetectable unless searched for.

Glove of Dimensional Anchor
? WT
Need: 1500G Prototype, 661.5G Beta DC 11
Slot: Hand
100ft ranged touch attack to make someone unable to teleport in any way for 1 minute: astral projection, blink, dimension door, ethereal jaunt, etherealness, gate, maze, plane shift, shadow walk, teleport, and similar spell-like abilities. The glove also prevents the use of a gate or teleportation circle for its duration.

Fireball Bracer
? WT
Need: 3000G per spell level Prototype, 1323G per spell level Beta
Slot: Wrist
400ft Range +40feet per level
20ft spread AoE
1d6 fire damage per level (max 10d6)

Apache Belt
.25 WT
Need: 1000Gj Prototype, 441G Beta DC 11
Slot: Belt
+1 Size Category: +2 size bonus to Strength, a -2 size penalty to Dexterity (to a minimum of 1), and a -1 penalty on attack rolls and AC due to its increased size. Equipment and weapons enlarge as well, weapon damage increasing by a die size.

Mindreading Glasses
.25 WT
Need: 3000G Prototype, 1323G Beta, DC 11
Slot: Eyes
40ft circle around wearer, Will negates but no spell resistance, DC 25 Sense Motive for someone to realize the user is a mind-reader while talking to them.

All-Seeing Mask
.25 WT
Need: 1500G Prototype, 661.5G BEta, DC 11
Slot: Head
400ft range or a known place, cannot use magical senses through it (so no ranged detect magic), can look around as if standing there.

Displacement Hood
Need: 3000G Prototype, 1323G Beta, DC 11
Slot: Headband
The wearer appears to be about 2 feet away from its true location. The creature benefits from a 50% miss chance as if it had total concealment. Unlike actual total concealment, displacement does not prevent enemies from targeting the creature normally. True seeing reveals its true location and negates the miss chance.

Party-Wipe Vest
Need: 3000G Prototype, 1323G Beta DC 11
Slot: Chest
Invisibility on everyone within 10ft when first put on. Those made invisible by the vest can see each other. Any affected creature moving out of the area becomes visible, but creatures moving into the area after the vest is on do not become invisible. Affected creatures (other than the recipient) who attack negate the invisibility only for themselves.

1/2 WT of any object
Need: Lighten Object
1000G Prototype, 441G Beta for non-magical object (must be masterwork for weapons and armor)
1500G Prototype, 661.5G Beta for magical object

h4. Completed Projects
-Assisting Glove

1 WT
Need: Unseen Servant, 500G Prototype, 220.5 Beta
Automatic 2x Speed Crafting
Slot: Hand
The wearer of this simple glove can speak a command word to transform it into a glowing disembodied hand. As a swift action, the wearer can have the glove assist him with a task as if using the aid another action; the glove uses the wearer’s base attack bonus or skill ranks when making the check to see if aid another is successful (it does not gain the benefit of the wearer’s ability scores or other bonuses). In melee, pick a target and roll your base attack bonus as a swift action. If you roll a 10 or higher, your glove successfully either grants you a +2 attack bonus on your next attack or a +2 AC until your next turn. This bonus only applies when you are attacking or are being attacked by your glove’s target. Your gloves can also use your ranks in a skill to assist you when making a check in that skill (effectively doubling your ranks in the skill you are using).
-Glove Assistant Marque III

Need: 360.855G Beta
Same as Assisting Glove, except they add 3 to your skill check modifiers, instead of just 1.
-Workshop Door

Need: 567.18G Beta
A door leading to a pocket plane of existence with a fully-functional workshop inside. For every year spent inside the Workshop, only 6 seconds pass in the real world. Upon re-entering the real world, your age reverts to the appropriate age to how much time has passed, like the kids from the Narnia books going back through the wardrobe after living their full lives inside. The door has an Intelligence of 10 and will only open for me. It has a DC of 0 for me to tell it to do something.
-Stasis Bed

Need: 562G Beta
Simple enough, this bed prevents the person laying on it from aging or taking any harmful effects until 6am when it wakes the person up with a pre-recorded “Wake-Up” message.
-Ant Haul Belt

0.25 WT
Need: 500G Prototype, 220.5G Beta
Automatic 2x Speed Crafting
Slot: Belt
Carrying Capacity x 3

Slot: Feet
Need: 900G Beta
+50feet of movement, can move through spaces occupied by larger creatures, moving doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity, one extra free attack per turn with a weapon of some kind, +1 attack, +1 AC, +1 on Reflex saves, immune to Slow spell
-Ghost Suit

Slot: Body
Need: 972G Beta
A formal clothing set that allows their wearer to become Ethereal: invisible, insubstantial, and capable of flying at half base speed through solid objects, including living creatures. Sight and hearing onto the Material Plane are limited to 60 feet. Force effects and abjurations affect an ethereal creature normally. Their effects extend onto the Ethereal Plane from the Material Plane, but not vice versa. An ethereal creature can’t attack material creatures, and spells you cast while ethereal affect only other ethereal things. Treat other ethereal creatures and ethereal objects as if they were material. If they turn the clothes off to become material while inside a material object (such as a solid wall), you are shunted off to the nearest open space and take 1d6 points of damage per 5 feet that you so travel.

Muleback Cords
0.25 WT
Need: Bull’s Strength, 500G Prototype, 220.5G Beta
Slot: Shoulder
Str +8 for purposes of carrying capacity

Glove of Pup Shape
Slot: Hand
Need: 3000G Prototype, 1323G Beta, DC 11
You transform the subject animal into a Small magical beast, creating a young magical version of itself for a short period of time. While in this form, the target has only 1 HD (maximum hit points), and the target takes a –4 penalty to Strength, Constitution, Intelligence and Wisdom (minimum 1). The creature also gains a +4 size bonus to Dexterity and a +2 natural bonus. Any nonevil creature that attempts to attack a creature in this form must succeed at a Will saving throw (using the DC of the spell) to overcome feelings of guilt and protectiveness toward the young and innocent-seeming creature. On a failed saving throw, it cannot follow through with the attack, that part of the action is lost, and it can’t directly attack the transformed creature until reverted to normal or until the pup-shaped creature attacks it. This part of the spell is a mind-affecting effect. Evil creatures have no qualms about attacking the target of this spell, in fact, some particularly heinous creatures might go out of their ways to do the target harm.

Never-Miss Bracelet
Need: 1000G Prototype, 441G Beta, DC 11
Slot: Wrist
1 standard action to give self a +20 insight bonus on wearer’s next attack roll. Wearer is also not affected by the miss chance that applies to attackers trying to strike a concealed target.

Hero’s Pauldron
Need: 1000G Prototype, 441G Beta, DC 11
Slot: Shoulders
+2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks.

Galdor Workshop

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