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Full Name: The Bicameral State of Vim Melaspur

Government: Bicameral Legislature composed of a nobility-run parliament and a democratically elected assembly. The parliament is headed by a prime minister and the assembly by a dominate.

History: Melaspur itself is very old, dating back long before the rise of the Athaieus and Aelthiurian Empires. Melaspur formed the basis of the Athaieus Empire for many centuries before its capital was moved from Melaspur’s Erodin to Lhykandros. After Athaieus’s fall, ending the first Aelthiurian War, Melaspur maintained the name of Athaieus for roughly half a century before reverting back to Melaspur. After the war Melaspur quickly grew strong, despite intermittent wars with its neighboring countries. When the second Aelthiurian War crossed into Melaspur, the nation fought bravely but eventually crumbled. After the war Melaspur struggled under a series of kings, but their rule ended with the Dyadoth Revolt. The revolt instated the Council of Sages, 15 nobles who ruled from the University Acropolis. They ruled very strongly for many years. During their rule they fought off encroaching Evangless, tamed the Dragonland Berzerkers to the north, and claimed Val’kora under their nation.

Eventually, though, the Council of Sages came under the control of a mysterious yet powerful mage. This mage heavily influenced the council through a puppet whom people believed was a divine being sent to assist Melaspur. The puppet became known as the Blackfire Knight, for only its dark armor was visible and it never gave its name, rarely speaking as it was. The Blackfire Knight victoriously fought Evangless and Vehn, becoming notorious through many nations. The Blackfire Knight gained an enclave of warriors who all became exceedingly strong. But the strength came from the mage, the puppeteer, who used his magic to enhance their movements and power. The Blackfire Knight’s following became such that the influence of the Council of Sages became negligible and was soon forcefully disbanded by a young and headstrong warrior named Ildeskor, debatably one of the strongest of the Blackfire Knight’s warriors. Soon thereafter, a mishap revealed the puppeteer, an abominable human called Maidar Litrucius. The Blackfire Knight immediately disappeared as Maidar came to the forefront, claiming himself rightful king.

Many supported Maidar, primarily the enclave of warriors. Ildeskor, however, was disgusted and left Maidar’s following. As soon as he did he became considerably less powerful, for he was no longer under Maidar’s influence. Enraged, he returned to his homeland of Val’kora and instigated a rebellion. The rebellious air spread quickly throughout Melaspur, and soon many of the previous sages joined Ildeskar and fought Maidar and the mage’s impressive military. The warriors of the enclave were all exceptional, leading Melaspur’s army to what seemed inevitable victory. However, when Ildeskor gained the support of the Dragonland Berzerkers several prominent noble houses joined him in the revolution.

Disagreements, though, soon spread between the nobles and Ildeskor, a peasant-born, and the revolution was torn apart. This is most evident from the ruins left at Val’inor, which acted as home of the revolution until the nobles turned against Ildeskor. The nobles named an elven mercenary, Zin Bralvizeur, as their general. He was a skilled blademaster and gifted tactician who had left Suil’anthrose for political reasons.

Many great battles were fought and, slowly but surely, the enclave dwindled.

All came to a head when the leading forces met at the base of the University Acropolis. To much astonishment the Blackfire Knight was there in all of his might. Zin Bralvizeur and Ildeskor too were there, Ildeskor now being a warrior to match his enclave days. The battle was ferocious, the tide favoring Maidar and his enclave. But, in a single instant, the Blackfire Knight fell, his armor falling about with no one inside. Maidar, inside the University Acropolis, lie slain by Zin’s blade. Zin, a hero of the day, never left the acropolis, his body having been destroyed by the mage’s remaining traps. Ildeskor also met a sour fate, for in rage the few remaining warriors of the enclave fell on him and eventually slew the rebellion’s leader. The two factions of the rebellion called a truce and began to work toward building an equal government. The ex-sage, Haemoth Odolin vi Fandeggar, became the noble’s leader, and Ildeskor’s friend and mentor, Daodur Corlik, became the people’s leader. Daodur was replaced ten years later by the young Vyitrilus Loderum.

Parliament: This is a body consisting of 35 noble houses. The parliament chooses its members, hence its size occasionally fluctuates. It also chooses its leader, the prime minister. The current prime minister is an elderly man known for his genial attitude but cut-throat politics. He hails from the mid-powered noble house of Fandeggar, his name being Haemoth Odolin vi Fandeggar. The other powerful houses of parliament include Gyanodelskar, So’tahr, and Eviondel, as well as the elven house Bralvizeur, headed by the son of the war hero Zin Bralvizeur. The parliament’s primary role is as foreign policy maker and controller of the military. It is permanently based in the ancient city of Erodin, which lies just south of the ruins of the University Acropolis, the previous capital.

Assembly: The assembly is elected by the people, consisting of one representative from each community in Melaspur. As of now, there are 216 members of the assembly. A representative remains incumbent until his community elects otherwise. A community varies in size, ranging anywhere from a large piece of farming land to a thriving city. Nonetheless, each representative has one equal vote. The people of Melaspur elect the dominate – ruler of the assembly – once every 10 years. The current dominate was elected last year, a tough young woman named Vyitrilus Loderum. The assembly is primarily charged with monetary policies and homeland issues. It houses in the new capital of Dyrisis.


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